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The Persistence of Memory and Other Stories

Now available. Order the paperback or ebook on Amazon.


I am honored that this is my third book to be named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books! "Maher's writing has striking scope and breathtaking versatility…. This is a prize collection that examines each stage of human life—how memories are lost and won; their value; and their weight. Elegantly written tales laced with melancholy and mischief." Read the full review here.

Heaven, Indiana

"A funny, poignant tale of an imperfect paradise." —Kirkus Reviews (Starred)

Earth As It Is

"A quietly luminous tale of folksy gender-bending that's entertaining and authentic." —Kirkus Reviews (Starred)

Most Dangerous Women: Bringing History to Life through Readers' Theater

a documentary performance with music of the international women's peace movement

Intruders and Ismene

"So how do you know whether you're alone dreaming I'm holding a knife to your throat or whether I'm holding a knife to your throat while you dream of the possibility of being alone?"

"Dancing in the Dark"

Short story in Scout Media's anthology A Contract of Words

"Turn, Turn, Turn"

Short story in Persimmon Tree