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The Persistence of Memory and Other Stories

Other Reviews

"This collection is full of stories that contain a whimsical air, but are true to life.... There is a light and optimism to these brief slices of life, and after reading each story, Ms. Hen felt better about the world around her." —Ms. Hen Reviews Things

A dozen stories featuring characters from four to ninety-four, each dealing in some way with how and why our memories shape our current crises. Included in the collection: in the days just after World War II, a young girl tries to remember the man being introduced to her as her father; an academic denied tenure remembers how to land on her feet; a couple on their way to divorce think about the things that once drew them together and then drove them apart; an elderly man struggles to recall where the bathroom is and why his wife has been replaced by a stranger; a newly widowed grandmother remembers the joy of finger painting and answering to no one; and the title story, in which a great-grandmother proves that you never forget how to make a bicycle go even if you may need a crash course in how to stop one.


I am honored that this is my third book to receive a starred review on Kirkus Reviews! "Maher's writing has striking scope and breathtaking versatility…. This is a prize collection that examines each stage of human life—how memories are lost and won; their value; and their weight. Elegantly written tales laced with melancholy and mischief." Read the full review here.


Finalist, American Book Fest Best Book Awards 2020